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Are You Searching for a Simple Natural Skincare Routine?

Updated: Jan 10

Try TOMA Essential Skin Therapy Today

I have been on a journey for several years to find a skincare line that is free of harsh chemicals and nourishes my overly sensitive skin. I’ve tried so many different options and spent countless dollars on products that come with great recommendations and seem good at first, but don’t nourish my skin like I feel like they should.

I’m so excited that I connected with Tori and Marla, the founders of TOMA Essential Skin Therapy. They are acupuncturists who have gone through the same struggles as many of us looking for a natural skincare line, especially during pregnancy when you’re more concerned with finding all natural products. In 2012, after decades of research, Tori and Marla decided to start their own skincare line and TOMA Essential Skin Therapy was created using the foundations of Five Element Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

All of their products are made of natural ingredients with nothing synthetic. They are chemical-free and do not have any hormonal disrupting preservatives that many products contain. And the best part…they are adaptogenic so they can shift their effects based on your skin’s needs to nourish and balance your skin. TOMA creates flawless healthy skin with a very simple daily routine.

The basis for the line is the TOMA Essential System which includes 4 products that are all you need for a simple skincare routine.

  • TOMA Cleanser: apply a small amount to remove makeup, debris, and toxins

  • Replenishing Mist: a few sprays to set and balance the skin

  • Bioactive Regenerating Oil: a tiny dose soothes the skin and rejuvenates cells for healthy cell turnover

  • Exfoliating Cleanser: Two to three times per week, swap your cleanser for this to help with cellular turnover

TOMA offers additional enhancements to customize your regimen such as masks, serums, and eye cream, but I started with just the TOMA Essential System and I have had amazing results. It feels like I’m truly hydrating and nourishing my skin when I use the products. I’m finally happy with my skincare routine and am excited to share this with everyone who’s searching for something better, like I was.

I love these products so much that I sell them in my practice, and use them in conjunction with services I offer such as Facial Microneedling and TOMA’s signature AcuGlow™ Facial.

  • Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure that uses small, sterilized needles to prick the skin to generate new collagen. This process smooths, firms, and tones your skin. I mostly use microneedling on the face and neck to reduce the appearance of acne, scars, dark or light spots, wrinkles, and large pores. It can also be used on scars anywhere on the body and on the scalp to support hair growth.

  • The AcuGlow™ Facial uses Gua Sha and Cupping to release toxins from your skin and support your lymphatic function. It helps to hydrate skin, disperse hyperpigmentation, and reduce pore size and puffiness. You will experience increased blood flow, strengthening of connective tissues, and stimulation of collagen producing cells.

TOMA makes it simple to give these amazing products a try with the Essential System Starter Kit which includes small bottles of all 4 products for only $58. Click the link below to learn more and purchase TOMA products. Or, give TOMA products a try during a Microneedling or AcuGlow™ Facial appointment with me. The link to schedule is below.

Schedule an Appointment with me for Facial Microneedling or an AcuGlowTM Facial

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